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Arabian Safari Dubai

hatta mountain safari

Hatta Mountain Safari

Hatta Mountain Safari – Hatta is situated in the Hajar Mountains and borders Oman from the south and the east. Hatta is famously known for its Heritage Village that is rich in history and character. That combined with the scenic desert landscape surrounding the territory is the perfect retreat that is not too far away from the hustle of Dubai city. Arabian Desert Safari you the chance to explore the landscape and delve into its beauty.

You will start your tour in a 4×4 vehicle from Dubai and continue into the Hajar Mountains and into the Hatta Heritage village. There you will find ancient stone houses with pal-frond roofs, the traditional water supply system called falaj and two military towers built in the 18th century for defensive purposes. The ancient Juma Mosque dates back to the 1780s and is the oldest building in the village. The exhibits in the village also include ancient weaponry, furniture, utensils and much more.

You will also be shown around the Hatta Dam wherein the reservoir overlooks a lake of flawless emerald green water. Amidst the ancient structures also lies the Hatta Hill Park with lush green scenery. You can also enjoy a buffet dinner at the Hatta Fort Hotel (cost not included in the tour package). There is also a pottery market that sells various handicrafts and carpets. Hatta Mountain is an all in one adventure that comes with numerous fun filled activities for you to enjoy.

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