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Arabian Safari Dubai

Private Abu Dhabi city tour

Book your exclusive trip with Private Abu Dhabi City Tour

The vibrant and dreamy capital of UAE is stealing the hearts of travelers with its beautiful and unique cultural offerings. One can get amazed by its indulgent resorts, blue Arabia Gulf waters, and the numinous appeal of the illimitable desert. If you’re newlyweds or planning to get married this year, make your honeymoon a dreamy affair with a private Abu Dhabi city tour. Give your partner a spice of love, voyage, and luxury all at a place where you enjoy the fullest.

Private Abu Dhabi city tour

Visiting Abu Dhabi in the out of the season is preferred with less crowd and great offerings at first-class locations. The best time to embark on a dreamy affair is between October and February. During these months, you can enjoy the beaches, adventure parks, and wildlife with cool and pleasing weather. Uncertain climate conditions allow you to explore the astonishing outdoor locations. For an unforgettable honeymoon trip in Abu Dhabi, you should plan a weeklong trip with a private city tour Dubai.

Things to Do On a Private Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi is a city with astonishing things to do and see for everyone. If you are planning a honeymoon, here are several things you can do to enjoy the romantic moments and have a lifetime experience.

Exploring the Rich Tradition

If you’re fond of cultural heritage, a visit to fascinating Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a must. It’s the largest mosque in UAE, with astonishing architecture, stunning white marble, iridescent glass work, assorted tiling, and intricate structure.

The second must-see location is Saadiyat Island. This island is the cultural hub of Abu Dhabi that offers eccentric museums and art displays. Experiencing peaceful moments at the attractive Saadiyat beach in between the museums is also a great place to visit. For the love of art, Louvre Abu Dhabi is the place to be where the couples can spend some artsy time and delve deep into the rich art cultures.

Private Abu Dhabi city tour

Arrange a Memorable Dinner Date

Arranging a romantic dinner date in the dunes with self-indulgent Arabic dinner is what makes Abu Dhabi a mesmerizing place. The best place to plan a dinner date with your loved one is amid the surging sandbanks of the Rub Al Khali desert.

Indulge in the Thrills of Theme Parks

If you want to enjoy the thrills of theme parks while you’re on private Abu Dhabi city tour, you should visit Yas Island, considered a perfect honeymoon island in Abu Dhabi. You can spend a full adventure day at the Ferrari World and enjoy the most thrilling ride of your lifetime with the world’s fastest rollercoaster. With so many thrilling rides and fun activities, you can have an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

Enjoy Spectacular Views at Jumeirah Hotel

The ultra-deluxe Jumeirah Hotel called “Observation Deck at 300” will give you the dining experience with their mouthwatering snacks and marvelous chocolate cakes. Apart from the scrumptious food, you can also enjoy the spectacular views of the sparkling city skyline by holding the hands of your partner.

Private Abu Dhabi city tour

If you’re planning a private city tour Dubai, let Arabian Safari Dubai book a trip to make your journey a once in a lifetime experience. Call us at +971 58 129 6006 or email at booking@desert-safari.ae to plan a customized private Abu Dhabi city tour according to your needs.

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